Taj mahal in Minecraft ?

Minecraft is a game based on three principles: building, mining, and exploration. Exploration and mining are popular activities in survival mode. However, many players don't like building because it takes too much time and resources. Players will find that creative mode is their best tool, allowing them to build elaborate structures in a short time.

Reddit has many channels dedicated to Minecraft, known as subreddits. Redditors can post screenshots, news, and other content to the official Minecraft subreddit called "r/Minecraft". Builds are a popular item shared here. To share their builds and screenshots with others, players can upload them to the community.

Many players choose to build in Minecraft. Many players create mansions, castles and other structures, but some players choose to make replicas of actual buildings and monuments. Redditor u/LookosZero, is one example of such a player. A life-sized replica of the Taj Mahal was built by the player. It is one of the most famous monuments in the world. Although it is identical to its real-life counterpart, the build has a striking resemblance with the Taj Mahal seen in Civilization VI.

The player must first clear away all trees and cover the area with water. Terraforming and making the land completely flat is the next step. The player then builds the structure's base and the minarets. They use different copper blocks as the structure's base and white concrete with an endstone to make the minarets base.

The construction of the central dome and tomb is then started by the redditor. These are made using white concrete and end stone. The stunning design is captured in clear detail by the real-time simulation. The dome starts to shape and the minarets are soon erected. Viewers are stunned.

Redditor, a talented redditor, completes the build by adding lush gardens to the Taj Mahal. Viewers are amazed that the Taj Mahal's version is perfectly symmetrical.

Reddit's Minecraft community gave many compliments and questions about the build. Redditor was praised for the effort he put into the build, and players appreciated the idea of reproducing this iconic symbol of love.

Subreddits such as /Minecraft or /Minecraftbuilds get a lot of new build posts every day. Each one is as unique and creative as the last. Minecraft redditor, u/LookosZero, just added another incredible build.