Increasing player cap on your Minecraft servers

Many players consider Minecraft servers to be the best way of playing the game online with their friends. Server-side mods and plugins allow for almost unlimited customization. This includes wildly unusual gamemodes like Minecraft pixelmon.

When opening a Minecraft server, the first decision to make is to decide how many people to accept. This limit is called the slot limit. Fortunately, server administrators can change it easily. This guide will show you how to modify the slot limit for playercount in the easiest manner possible.

How to increase or decrease the number of players on a Minecraft server

There are many options available for server administrators to adjust the Minecraft server's playercount limit. Some methods might work better than others depending on the specific circumstances of your server.

Method 1: Modify file

The is the central configuration file that every Minecraft server uses to generate its first start-up. There are many settings you can adjust in this file. One of these settings is "max-players".

The "max-players" number can also be modified to adjust the server's playercount limit. After making adjustments, players should save the file and restart the Minecraft server.

This method should work most of the time. However, players who are not satisfied with it can try the following methods.

Method 2: Install a plugin that overrides slots

Sometimes, the is not changed to increase the number of slots. Most often, this is due to a server hosting company's hard limit.

Server admins can use a plugin to override and change the maximum slot limit. Here is a good example.

Method 3: Modify the slots on the server panel

Another option is to modify the limit of playercount slots directly from the server panel. This should be easy for Multicraft or Pterodactyl users. It can be found on the frontpage of the central server administration panel.