How to play Minecraft Skyblock

Skyblock is a very popular Minecraft survival map. The player is placed on a small island under an endless sky and will need to survive, build, or thrive.

Skyblock is at its core a test in resource management. Skyblock is a trial in resource management. Once a block is gone it's gone for good. Players will need to account for every block they have. Even the most committed Minecraft players can find this a difficult task.

Are you unsure how to accomplish this? This is not a problem. This guide will show you how to get started with Minecraft Skyblock.

How to play Minecraft Skyblock

Skyblock Installation

Finding a map to play Skyblock is the first step. There are many Skyblock maps online.

Many Minecraft servers have a Skyblock community. You might prefer a multi-player game to a single-player one.


Minecraft Skyblock is a safe place to live and thrive.