How to finish Minecraft

Minecraft is the most popular game ever, with more than $200,000,000 in total sales. The game remains popular ten years after its original release. It has a large following on multiple platforms and receives numerous updates every year. Minecraft's unlimited creativity is what makes it so popular. There are infinite worlds that can be built and molded into any design the player desires.

Many Minecraft fans will be critical of the concept of "completing" Minecraft. The game's focus is on setting personal goals and building what you want. There are still many achievements to be earned and a final end credits to reach. Some people see credits as the start of a new chapter in their lives, while others see them as the end goal, particularly in the speedrunning world. With the amount of minecraft servers out there though, there are plenty of modded experiences that are pretty much without end.

What is the average time it takes to beat Minecraft?

The time it takes to reach the credits is dependent on how skilled the player is and how much crafting and mining they do before the game ends. HowLongToBeat reports that the average time it takes for players to reach the credits was 90 hours. People who work at a slower pace take 535 hours. If the player is looking to build a house and mine the best gear, enchant their items, and so on, then it's likely that they will take over 100 hours. Players can still reach the end of the world by starting a new one.

The Ender Dragon must be defeated in The End dimension to reach the final credits. Players must find an underground Stronghold to access The End. There will be a portal room that can hold twelve Eye of Enders. The dimension can be accessed once the portal is placed. It is difficult to access the Ender Dragon within, so many people abandon it later in their playthrough.

Speedrunners don't have to be difficult. Over the last few years, speedruns in Minecraft have grown in popularity. Most end when the player defeats the Ender Dragon. Brentilda holds the current Minecraft world record of beating Minecraft at 9 minutes and 36 seconds. This is far from the average 90 hour time.

What is the average time it takes to complete Minecraft?

Minecraft also has a lot of options for completionists. It comes with 95 in game advancements that are updated with each new world. These can be viewed in the inventory. They provide a guideline for what players can do next with their resources, as well as a list of all that is possible to be found in the world. These can be gained by natural progression, such as the upgrading of tools. Some require more work, like killing the boss of Wither, while others require you to complete tasks such as crafting a beacon. This can only be done after you defeat a Wither.

Average playtime for completionists is 328 hours. Although this may seem like a long time, a slower-paced completionist can easily spend over 1000 hours in a single world. This is more time than most people spend playing their favorite games. The dedication of Minecraft's users is an impressive testament to how popular it has remained over the years.

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